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Home DVR Security

Since the invention of the home security dvr's and mobile data access,
you have so many ways to keep a eye on your home. While you are away
from home, or you are not in the same room as your DVR screen to view 
what is going on. Your Phone, Tablet, or computer you can see what is
going on.
Wirelless Security
Never miss a Knock
Have you ever missed a knock at the
door? Maybe you did not hear the door
bell, you where at the store, at work or
simply far away from the front door. You
have your tablet or phone and the door
bell will ring you device. You can see
them, but they can not see you. You can
talk live with them, and a much safer way
to answer your door. Even available at
drive up gate.
Do you want to see your dvr system from
your bathroom, or the kitchen or maybe
from a room far from the front of your
house. Tablet have become very
affordable and can be had for as little as
20 dollars. Use a old tablet to monitor a
knock at the front door, a noise from out
side, or just to get a view of your
Independent cellular connection that
can't be cut by intruders. Runs on
powerful lithium batteries that last 5
years so you stay secure when the
electricity fails.You’ll have access to
advanced system control from your
smartphone or laptop. Low price of  14.99
a month with no contracts.
A Custom Security System
Contact US. We can help develop a safe cost effective home security systems. A system that will be easy to access for
you and your whole family. A system that is in the price range you want and need.